BIPOCO is on for struggling mental health problem !



Who is Bico Store?


Bico Store founded before 12 years ago by :

Fatmagül Mutlu is founding director of Bipolar Projects Art Initiative, International Art & Health Association, Artness System Berlin, Artness Contemporary Art Magazine, Bico Store and Bipoco Social Enterprise. She is also an art director, art therapist and art consultant to inspire wellbeing through art. For many years, she has been working as curator and project manager in Europe. Bipolar Projects founded in 2012 to struggling with bipolar. 16 different events realized with the leadership between many countries. After that, her foundations takes place international events for more visibility and help to disadvantages people and their families. Mutlu has been trying to improve fundraising skills with her teams. In 2018, 4 different international events took placed at the same time in Dubai, Berlin, India and Turkey at World Bipolar Day and Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday which is managed by Fatmagül Mutlu. All programs in the soul of celebrity for Van Gogh’s Birthday when Bipolar Projects started the works. Programs in the inspiration which realized in March 30 in every year was first time around the world and projects inspired to huge number of people, associations. Bipolar Projects provided at Royal Academy of Arts, London in Access and Community Program, in 2018 and Van Gogh Museum appreciated last events which called Bipolar A Different Life. Personal struggling became a global movement proudly by Fatmagül Mutlu. Also, she works with disadvantages people in the topic of angelman syndrome, gifted and talented children. Mutlu has been inspiring by art in all projects. That’s why, art related leadership character in the projects is striking. In addition, she raised fund about social inclusion and innovation. She titled European Ambassador during Qatar Art Festival 2018. ‘’Global Art Movement: Stigma’’ funded by European Commission for bipolar artists which was first time in the world. The project created by her.

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