Bipolar disorder, known as "Manic Depression" is an illness that effects the brain and causes breakdown in the persons mood, energy and daily activities. Started 6 years ago by Board of Directors President Fatmagül Mutlu; Bipolar Projects is adding a new event to its activites in Istanbul.

Another work of Mutlu "Global Art Movement : Stigma" Art Residency Program starts in 23th March with the attendence of global artists.Coordinated by Merve Özer, event will take place in the Istanbul Hush Hostel Lounge. The program aims to create awareness and avoid taging the patients of bipolar which effects between 2 to 5 out of every 100 person in the world. After the art movement and other international festival programs, Bipoco will grant scholarship to the bipolar artists.

Ayfer Gültekin, Tania Bohuslavska, Plume Pacotille (Maureen Scotto-di-Mase) and Stille Skygger (Merve Özer) will be attending to the one of a kind project and they will create art works within the Art Residency program. The artists supported by Sivil Düşün EU Program, Artness System and Bipoco, will get together again at the Crypton Art Festival in Barcelona, this summer. This way they will get support on employement and international visibility.

"Global Art Movement : Stigma" In 30th March the International World Bipolar Day, art works of the attendees will be displayed at the İstanbul Hush Gallery, which is the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh. There will be a performance that night with the same name of Afyer Gultekin's book 'İki Ucu Boklu Değnek'. The performance called "Horns Of A Dilemma" is in the launch program list at 30th March Saturday 18:00. Also booksigning of the Ayfer Gultekin's book which translated by Aleksander Dawe will take place in the Crypton Barcelona Festivale.

Fatmagül Mutlu : "Started with the aim that standing against the branding of people who battles with bipolar, powering the employment; Bipolar Projects and Bipoco, progressing their work with their own rights in Turkey, Europe, America and Arabian Emirates with global vision. This year in 30th March same as last year we will celebrate Van Gogh's birthday as an international voice and will announce the proclamations for "Global Art Movement : Together". Two websites are waiting in excitement to be opened in 30th March 2019."

Date of Event: 30.03.2019-31.03.2019 Place of Event : Hush Gallery Rasimpaşa Mah. İskele Sok. 46/1 Yeldeğirmeni-Kadikoy, İstanbul




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