Bipolar Solo Show and Art Therapy Workshop - 53. National Psychiatry Congress

Art in Bipolar

Art is the transformation of the subconscious stimulus ,by going through creative process, to the visual, audio and kinesthetic material. The materialized energy helps its creator to feel fullness, and functional.

To use the creative nature of art in therapies is increasing rapidly. I own the ‘Bipolar Project’ due to several reasons, which are to help arts usage in psychotherapy, to increase the consciousness about bipolar affective disorder and to stop labeling people without real knowledge.

The conceptual theme of the Project is to observe patients and to view the researches. As a result, there were common problems in commitment among bipolar patients found.

The researches in neurology found that the only chance for healthy bonding is not only in infancy but also in early period. There are ways to reshape and repair the experiences. Art therapy is way to reshape the healthy bonding through therapist and client. ( Malchlodi 2003 )

Through the perspective, beyond my exhibition about bipolar disorder in Acıbadem Taksim Hospital, there were samples of bipolar affective disorder, art psychotherapies and expressive therapy shared.

In artistic imagination what I want to say is that people can be made to realize their inner healing power. This power comes from expressionist and restorative nature of art.

Fatmagul MUTLU