Many thanks to Canadian Art Therapy Association... In my essay, I express The Bipolar Project last year at various locations all around. This year, We will come together with bipolar artists all around on the International Bipolar Day. The day is Van Gogh Birthday !



Artists from different parts of the world are coming to Bursa with their works to celebrate 30th March World Bipolar Day and bipolar-diagnosed painter Van Gogh's birthday celebrations. Many associations, galleries, art initiatives will hold a global event with the coo...


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23- 29 March 2018 -75 Women Artists representing 75 different countries will be part of a Prestigious International Women’s Art Exhibition celebrating the theme “Press for Progress” as supported by the International Women’s Day 2018 focus....


We opened group show at Galleria Canizares in Salvador, Brazil. As many international artists answered the question through art : "How to resist in the world today?"


Group Show in Istanbul, Turkey


Fatmagül Mutlu’s work, Psychotherapy, emphasizes the search of kinesthetic and rhythmic therapy against the universe we live with all the infollution and intensive information transformation. One of the Bipolar Collection artwork stands against the endless harassment o...


Perhaps since the person began to describe himself as "I", the question always followed: Who am I? He often defined his identity with a belonging.

The identity cards we have to carry, for instance, say we are citizens of a state, but belongings do not end with that. A p...

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